TELL ME MORE Homeschool
For over 25 years, Auralog has been the global leader in language learning. As publisher of the award-winning solution TELL ME MORE, our programs are used by more than 50,000 people each day to learn and improve their foreign language skills. Many governments, corporations and academic institutions rely on TELL ME MORE solutions to satisfy their growing language learning needs. Among our clients are institutes of higher learning like Boston University, Berkeley, Virginia Tech, Rice University, and Bentley College.
TELL ME MORE Homeschool Edition uses a proven immersion methodology, addressing all of the skills involved in language acquisition:

Reading and Writing
Listening and Speaking
Grammar and Conjugation
Culture and Traditions
TELL ME MORE Homeschool Edition is the most complete, comprehensive, and affordable language learning program available to homeschool educators.

• Performance scoring and progress tracking
• Built-in tests, for assessment, progress and final achievement measurement
• 25 Types of Activities and thousands of Exercises
• Speech-Recognition Throughout, With S.E.T.S. Error-Correction
• An Immersion Method
• Hours of Video

TELL ME MORE® gives you the opportunity to choose between 2 solutions according to your needs:

TELL ME MORE® Homeschool Edition DVD-ROM solution
• 5 or 10 levels of learning in one program
• The ability to create multiple student accounts

TELL ME MORE® Homeschool Edition Webpass solution
• For each grade/year, the student will receive unlimited online access to that grade’s curriculum
• Updated content meets Education standards for most states in the US.
• PC and Mac compatible
• Generous family discount plan

"We feel this is the best foreign language program we have come across." - The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

TELL ME MORE Homeschool Edition
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