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  English Lessons and Exercises on Software CD/DVD - TELL ME MORE ENGLISH v10.5 Software CD/DVD
  English Lessons and Exercises on Software CD/DVD - TELL ME MORE English v10.5  Software CD/DVD
English Lessons and Exercises on Software CD/DVD
TELL ME MORE English v10.5
Levels: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced - Business
It’s new and improved! The latest release of TELL ME MORE, V10.5, incorporates amazing content in multimedia format and combines your learning experience with exercises and documents to simulate a wide variety of communication situations.
You will have so much fun, you won’t even realize you are learning!
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  • CD/DVD including up to 306 English lessons based on everyday situations
  • 4 options from which to choose: 2, 5, 10, 10 + 2 Business levels
  • PC Compatible
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Choose your DVD English Learning solution

2 Levels - $229 - Less than $115/Level
5 Levels - $399 - Less than $80/Level
10 Levels - $529 - Less than $55/Level
10+2 Levels - $599 - Less than $70 for the 2 business Levels

  • TELL ME MORE Offers 4 options to suit your needs and your budget

    English 2 Levels: This option is optimal for learners who have studied English in the past and just need to refresh their knowledge and/or for learners who have a very short deadline they need to meet.
    • Enjoy 55 English lessons, spread over 2 consecutive ability levels.
    • A test enables you to determine your initial ability level.
    • You can then choose your two levels based on your ability.
    English 5 Levels: This option is optimal for learners who wish to make significant improvements in English and/or for learners who prefer a longer-term study with a wide range of topics.
    • Enjoy 140 English lessons, spread over 5 consecutive ability levels, to be chosen from 10.
    • A test enables you to determine your initial ability level.
    • You can then choose your five levels based on your ability.
    English 10 Levels: This option is optimal for learners who desire an intensive English study and wish to become fluent. It is well suited for students who are studying English in school or university and/or for people who wish to converse with native English speakers.
    • Enjoy 288 English lessons with 1000+ hours of content spread over all 10 levels of difficulty.
    English 10 levels+ 2 Business Levels: This option is optimal to meet the needs of all your family. It includes all the benefits of the English 10 Level program in addition to valuable business English content. It is well suited for students who are studying in school or university, for people who converse with native English speakers, and/or for business professionals who work with or travel to visit native English speakers.
    • Enjoy 288 comprehensive English lessons spread over the 10 difficulty levels
    • + 18 advanced business English lessons.

    See all the English lessons by level ►
    See all the Business English lessons ►

    TELL ME MORE v10.5 is a multi-user solution*

    This amazing software offers you the opportunity to have several different learners using the same Software CD/DVD. It is ideal for families who are all trying to learn English.
    Please note:
    • For the Level 2 and Level 5 options, the choice of ability level stays the same for all users. Therefore all exercises will be the same 2 or 5 ability levels. If you require an option that can be used by several people with differing ability levels, the optimal option is to choose the 10+2 levels.
    • You must insert the CD/DVD into your computer to be able to work on the software. It is therefore not possible for several users to work on the software at the same time.
    • The results of the work of each user are stored in the computer's memory. To monitor your progress and to benefit from statistics regarding this, each user must work on the same computer.
    • You do have the ability to install the software on several different computers.
    • *Individual Family Use Only

    Are you ready to Learn English with the most varied English method available? TELL ME MORE’s exclusive, award winning method keeps you motivated and having fun, especially when it comes to oral lessons and exercises!

    The Software CD/DVD lessons are spread over 37 different types of activities including:
    • Dubbing of a television series, in which, just like karaoke, you get to speak a person's lines aloud in English (Exclusive to TELL ME MORE).

    See all TELL ME MORE activities ►

    Bonus: Get 2 years of free online access to all introductory skill lessons!
    It is recommended to begin your learning with these lessons. See all introductory skill English lessons ►

    A progressive method

    TELL ME MORE utilizes an award winning progressive method to teach you English quickly while providing hours of enjoyment. Each English lesson introduces a new communication situation with the help of multimedia functionality (for example, you are doing some shopping and you need to speak to the sales assistant). Then, you will carry out several exercises to help you discover step by step the various topics that are covered within the situation (specific vocabulary, expressions, grammar, etc.). By the end of the lesson, you will be able to understand and actively participate in an interactive discussion surrounding this topic.

    You are in the Driver’s Seat:

    You can decide to follow the order of lessons suggested by TELL ME MORE, which start from lower difficulty and progress to the most difficult, or you can pick and choose lessons to customize your learning experience and allow you to focus on a specific skill or topic in more detail (written, oral, vocabulary, grammar).
    See how to choose your lessons ►

    Learn English with a method that enables you to monitor and evaluate your English progress

    • Each time you connect to the program you will be able to view all of the lessons and exercises you have already completed.
    • An ability level test, that takes approximately 20 minutes, enables you to evaluate your current level in Spanish so that you can begin with the most suitable lessons for you. You can take this test for a second time (different questions) to evaluate your progress at the end of your study as well.
      Learn more about TELL ME MORE tests ►

    TELL ME MORE English Software also offers you the possibility of completing your lessons at a later date with personalized private Live Tutor Sessions

    Click Here to Learn More About Private Live Tutor Sessions ►

    This software is PC Compatible only

  • To fully utilize the award winning TELL ME MORE solution, please ensure your computer system meets
    the following requirements:

    • 2 GHz processor
    • 2 Go RAM
    • 200 MB available on hard drive
    • 1024x768 resolution, at least 16 million colors
    • Sound card or USB microphone
    • Speakers and microphone or headset
    • DVD-ROM drive
    Operating Systems Choices between:
    • Microsoft Windows® XP/ Vista/ Seven/8 with an update 32/64 bits
    • If you have a CD/DVDRom software product, please update your software by clicking here ►
    Player Flash
    • Flash Player 10.0 or later
    Browser Choices between:
    • Internet Explorer 7, 32 bits or later
    • Safari version 4 or later
    • Firefox version 3.5 or later
    • Chrome version 4 or later
    Network/Internet Connection
    • 192 Kb/s Internet or Intranet connection
    • Internet connection needed to activate the product
    E-Mail Address
    Live Tutor sessions® Additional requirement to TELL ME MORE above :
    • Webcam if desired
    • High speed Internet connection of at least 1 Mb/s

TELL ME MORE Language program Reviews: | Based on 28 reviews |    Write a review.

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Not only for the voice recognition module April 15, 2013
Reviewer: Christian Woerly from France  
The main reason I chose this method was for its Voice recognition module (you really must try it!). In the end though, I found the whole method very fun, with varied exercises which enabled me to work on all the different aspects of language (vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation). The only minor downside in my opinion: there were no real lessons, as such. Maybe this could be an idea to develop...I chose the DVD as it means I can re-start an exercise as many times as I want to and I have no time constraints. And, of course, this also incorporates the voice recognition method...Finally, I spoke to an English teacher about the method and she told me that this method is without a doubt one of the best ways to learn English

TELL ME MORE's Answer: You can subscribe to the LIVE TUTOR classes as a complement for your Webpass. It consists of live classes provided by a real teacher on Skype.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Tres interessant April 10, 2013
Reviewer: TOINETTE31 from France  
La progression est visible si l on travaille regulierement, au moins une heure par jour. La correction vocale apporte beaucoup, les textes audio permettent de se familiariser avec les differents accents. Les thematiques abordees sont un outil tres utile pour la connaissance de l art, de l histoire, de la geographie....tout en ameliorant son vocabulaire. Aucun regret d avoir opte pour cette methode tres ludique.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
methode interessante d'apprentissage April 10, 2013
Reviewer: Ibrahim from Montauban, France  
j'avais deja eu un avis tres positif pour la version anglaise. Je maintiens mon avis pour cette version arabe qui se presente de maniere tres ludique et progressive. Je le conseille vivement a qui veut apprendre tout seul une langue vivante.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Essai gratuit April 10, 2013
Reviewer: Katerina from Nice, France  
Une amie m'avait parle de ce logiciel, donc je suis venue voir le site et j'ai trouve tres sympa que l'essai gratuit soit tout de suite visible, comme ca, on peut essayer avant d'acheter... ce que j'ai fait !

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
pratiquer a n'importe quelle heure April 10, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous from Bruxelles, Belgique  
Tell me more est tres bien fait pour ceux qui connaissent deja les bases de l'anglais et qui veulent progresser vite. Cela permet de pratiquer a n'importe quelle heure du jour ou de la nuit pendant la duree du forfait paye (a un prix abordable).

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