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Homeschool Dutch revolutionized into an enjoyable family-shared experience

Effectively teach Homeschool Dutch to the highest standards to your child. You will be able to learn alongside or ahead of your child and then teach Dutch. You will be creating an incredible lifetime bond with your child while learning Dutch together as well as preparing them for the amazing future they deserve.

Especially designed for homeschooling, TELL ME MORE provides you with all the tools and documentation needed to easily meet the foreign language homeschooling requirements for most U.S. states. Also included are many amazing tools to help make lesson planning, preparation, evaluation and record keeping quick and easy.

Homeschool Dutch Curriculum - TELL ME MORE DUTCH Homeschool DVD-Rom Software v.9 Homeschool Dutch Curriculum - TELL ME MORE DUTCH Homeschool Webpass v.10.5
Homeschool Dutch
Curriculum on DVD Software
TELL ME MORE Dutch Homeschool v.9

Homeschool Dutch
Online Curriculum
TELL ME MORE DUTCH Homeschool Webpass v.10

Price $299

  • Levels: Age 11+ - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
  • Full pack of Dutch Content and Exercises
  • Covers over 5 years of curriculums
  • Unlimited number of user accounts and computer installations
  • Compatible with PC

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Pricing from $ 89/high school year

  • Levels: Age 11+ - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
  • 2 options available with durations between 1 to 2 school years
  • Unlimited Online access 24/7 to the Dutch Content and Exercises of the school year(s) selected
  • Includes free parental separate account
  • New user friendly Interface
  • Yearly lesson planning built to facilitate preparation
  • PC/Mac/Linux Compatible

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TELL ME MORE's Dutch Homeschool webpass is available for a 7 day trial.

“I would highly recommend Tell Me More … to any of my homeschooling friends who need a foreign language course for their teenager. It is thorough, complete, and easy to use. “

- The Old Schoolhouse